How to setup secure POP3 email account on Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4

In this article we'll discuss how to setup secure POP3 email account. "Secure POP3/SMTP" means that data will be transferred via secured ports over SSL (valid security certificate installed on all WestNIC servers). Firstly, you'll need to know, password and server hostname or server name. Server name usually looks like "". If you don't know server hostname, simply type in the browser - it will redirect you to something like - your hostname would be Let's begin!

1. Select "Email"
2. Select "Settings" from bottom menu (on the left)
3. Press "+" on the top, "Set up email" will appear
4. Enter and password
5. Click "show password" and verify that password is correct. Please never use custom passwords like "sunshine13!". Password must be generated via Password generator tool provided by cPanel.
6. Select "send email from this account by default" ONLY if you need it. If you have multiple accounts, you should select main one.
7. Press "Manual setup" on the bottom
8. It will ask: "What type of account"? Select "pop3" then
9. Enter full
10. Leave password alone (hidden ******)
11. POP3 server: (please check your welcome email for actual email server ID!) "GRIZZLY" isn't valid mail server!
12. Security type: SSL
13. Port 995
14. Delete email from server: *should* be set to "when I delete from inbox". But it's up to you.
15. Click "next". You'll see "checking incoming server settings" then "Outgoing server settings"
16. SMTP server:< (please check your welcome email for actual email server ID!) "GRIZZLY" isn't valid mail server!br> 17. Security type: SSL
18. Port 465
19. Require sign-in: check
20. Username: type Username must in full format!
21. Password: leave password alone (do not change)
22. Click "Next"
23. Email check frequency: every 15 minutes (recommended). Do not set "every 5 minutes" - you may get blocked.
24. Sync Email: check
25. Send email from this account: check this box if you wish to use this account as default one
26. Notify me when email arrives: check if you wish to receive push notifications
27. Click "Next"
28. You'll see following message: "Your account is set up, and email is on it's way! Give this email account a name (Optional)": type anything you like.
29. Name: your name (will be shown in signatures and "from" field).
30. Click "Done".

That's all. Time for taco! :-)

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